Code On Time Homepage Error and Missing Pages in App Generator

During development by using CodeOnTime, i see this weird issue. I suddenly receive error on my homepage, and when i check my app generator it show nothing in my pages & controller list.. (refer image i attach below).

Error on homepage

Error on App generator

When i post a ticket, the help-desk suggest me to restart (of course already try before ask them, and not work at all). The other way suggest is copy from backup  file (unacceptable suggestion for me). Then i am start looking on the code from visual studio. I find out that Home.aspx (can be found inside folder Pages >> Home.aspx) got missing contentPlaceHolder.  The highlighted code in below image is miss from my page. I copy from another project the line of code, and re-run the app generator. So far it work as well as before.



Change the default location for Code On Time project

By default after you install Code On Time and create your new project, Code On Time Generator will store your project into this directory C:\Users\your_name\Documents\Code OnTime\Projects. This might introduce a problem specifically for who use ssd drive.

2. Here is the trick to change. You need to download this config [download]. Extract and copy the CodeOnTime.exe.config file into your installation folder. By default the directory will be this C:\Program Files (x86)\Code OnTime LLC\Code OnTime Generator

3. Open the CodeOnTime.exe.config with your Notepad++ and find the properties CodeOnTime.Properties.Settings. Change the Value of MyDocuments with your prefered directory.

*** you maybe will have security issue when direct save in the installation location. I suggest you to edit and save in any other directory, then copy into the installation directory

4. Try run your CodOnTime Application again, and you will see a command prompt that process to copy your library into your new location. Try create your new project and you will see the project will generate inside the new location you set.