How to configure domain and server name for Google Cloud Platform

If you are new in Google Cloud Platform.. So am i.. I just subscribe the free trial Google Cloud Platform and install a wordpress cms today. In this post i will show you how to configure the domain & generate the server name for my wordpress site

Create the Domain Server Name (DNS)

1. On your console , find the Networking menu, and select Cloud DNS.

2. You will see the screen of Creating Zone. Create your new zone by click the button Create Zone. Fill the text box Zone name, DNS Name, and your description.

Eg :
Zone name = tajuzzaman-com-dns-zone
DNS Name =
Description = domain tajuzzaman

3. After you create the DNS Zone, you will receive 4 name server. Use the name server to configure on your domain manager.. If you not sure where is your domain manager, you have to ask your domain seller.

Point the DNS to your WordPress Installation.

(Applicable with other item setting. Not only wordpress.).

1. Go to your Compute Engine menu, and find VM instance. Under this option you will see the list of your created instance. Select the instance of your wordpress and copy the External IP.

2. Back to your Cloud DNS setup, and select the DNS you create previously. Click button Add Record Set to create new setting.

3. Fill the DNS Name with WWW or left blank.. Set Resource Record Type = A, and put the IP you get from the step 1 into IPv4 Address.. After done click Create button. Try browse your url after the propagation done.